Frequently asked questions are posted here. Please read carefully before ordering anything.

To ask any other questions you can add us on Skype: live:ytoffice

Why aged accounts?
Aged accounts are considered as trusted members. You'll have the power of trusted member. It's tricky way to gain authority.
How does work?
You can order accounts on website by paying with bitcoin. After your payment get 3 verification, website automatically sends accounts with an email and you can see on customer panel.
Are youtube accounts double verified?
Accounts we're selling are not double verified. We might charge for double verified accounts when needed for bulk orders. Contact us on skype.
Can I change aged accounts' url?
You can't change unless your channel is become so popular accounts between 2006-2011. 
What can I do with accounts?
We don't take any responsibilities on what you do with accounts. It's all on your responsibility .
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency. You can open a wallet on
How can I buy Bitcoin?
Depends on your payment method. Paypal tutorial: Buying from local people:
How can I send Bitcoin?
Make an order on our website. It'll give you a bitcoin address for you to pay. When you pay to this address, you need to wait until it passes 3 verification. Then you'll get your accounts with email and on website.
Do you make discounts for regular customers?
Yes we apply when you buy discount %10 for 100 accounts, %15 for 1000 accounts. 
Can I order on Skype?
We do prefer small orders to handle on However, for bulk and fast orders skype can be used. 
Can I refund or change accounts?
All orders are final. We can't refund your accounts because you don't want to use them. However, If you see any account with problem, you should send us on skype we'll inspect them then replace them with new accounts.